BLESS 3 examples are available in a publicly-accessible repository on GitHub.

First install OSATE with BLESS as described here.

Choose File > Import > Git > Projects from Git. Click “Next >”.

Choose “Clone URI”. Click “Next >”.

Put this string in the URI box:

If you have a GitHub user identifier and password, ehter them in the Authentication section, otherwise leave them blank. Click “Next >”.

Select the “master” branch. Click “Next >”.

Choose an empty directory with the Browse button. (You can create a new one.) Generally, putting it in ~/git/ is best (where ~ stands for your “home” directory). Click “Next >”.

The “Import existing Eclipse projects” radio button should be selected. Click “Next >”.

Select any or all of the projects, then click “Finish”.

Open PCA Pump AADL projects can be found at:

Old BLESS 2 examples can be found here.